Memberships / Accreditations


FGK is a member of the Association for Clinical Data Management = ACDM.

ACDM represents enthusiastic clinical research professionals with a passion to improve the drug development process by offering an environment for continuous learning and application of contemporary Clinical Data Management practices.

Serving the data management community for over 30 years, ACDM’s commitment is to provide explicit settings for fellow members to network, share experiences & keep up to date with the latest regulations & standards in the area of Data Management. ACDM helps its members in their professional development journey. Their mission is to provide opportunities to constructively engage, collaborate and learn from the industry experts in Data Management, to equip members with the necessary skills to excel in their careers, so they can become the data management experts of the future.

BIO Deutschland

FGK is a member of BIO Deutschland since 2006.

BIO Deutschland is Germany’s biotechnology sector representative at the European association, EuropaBio, in Brussels. BIO Deutschland also works closely with other biotech organisations in Europe and the USA in order to lobby for the interests of the sector in an internationally coordinated way. The association is also very active in a broad range of events with the aim of providing biotechnology with a platform for discussion and interaction.

As the sector association of the biotechnology industry, BIO Deutschland has set itself the objective of supporting and promoting the development of an innovative economic sector based on modern biosciences.

The Berlin-based association currently has over 285 members. It is run by a board of ten members consisting of CEOs and managing directors of biotechnology companies, as well as directors of BioRegions. This committee comprehensively represents the various fields in the sector.

The member companies and their experts are organised in working groups that deal with the following topics: finance and taxation; licences and technical contracts; regulatory matters; innovation and entrepreneurship; HR; German-US cooperation; health policy; competition and regulatory policy; technology transfer; and PR. Using a wide range of political initiatives, BIO Deutschland lobbies for improvements to the legal parameters for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

FGK’s Managing Director Dr. Edgar J. Fenzl is the Coordinator of the Working Group on Regulatory Matters.


Since 1997, BioM is the network organization of the biotechnology sector in Munich and in Bavaria, commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Approximately 270 biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies are present in the metropolitan area of Munich. The core competence of the region is the development of innovative therapeutics and diagnostics, in particular for personalized healthcare. BioM supports the Bavarian biotechnological and pharmaceutical sector with an extensive network for developing new business contacts. The cluster management offers central access and a broad range of information about the sector for prospective customers from home and abroad.

Federal Association of Contract Research Organisations (BVMA, Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute e.V.)

FGK is a member of “Bundesverband Medizinischer Auftragsinstitute” (BVMA) since 2007.

The BVMA was founded in July 1991 in order to represent CROs (Contract Research Organisations) which are based in Germany or German speaking countries. The BVMA is based in Munich.

At present about 50 companies, operating in the field of clinical research at a national as well as international level, are members of the Association. In order to make sure that each member satisfies the high quality demands, all members undergo re-auditing every three years.

In November 2017, FGK’s Managing Director Martin Krauss has been elected as new President of the BVMA.

Crédit d'impôt recherche (CIR)

FGK possesses CIR accreditation.

The French R&D Tax Credit scheme (Crédit d'impôt recherché, CIR) is a generic measure to support business research and development (R&D) activities without sector or size restrictions. FGK’s French clients may therefore, under certain conditions, benefit from tax deductions.

The Association for Documentation and Information Management in Medicine (DVMD, Der Fachverband für Dokumentation und Informationsmanagement in der Medizin e.V.)

The Association for Documentation and Information Management in Medicine (DVMD, Der Fachverband für Dokumentation und Informationsmanagement in der Medizin e.V.) represents the interests of all professional groups in documentation and information management in medicine. Founded in 1972, the association currently has about 900 members.

Through targeted public relations work, the DVMD raises the awareness of health information management. Moreover, DVMD is advocating for high standards in training and education and is committed to the professional development of its members. For this purpose, DVMD regularly organizes conferences and workshops on current  topics and informs through a quarterly publicized specialist journal. In addition, DVMD forms networks on a national and international level through numerous co-operations with related associations. FGK is a premium sponsoring member of the DVMD.

eClinical Forum

FGK is a member of eClinical Forum.

Our eSolutions department is represented in a non‐competitive environment for innovation, learning and collaboration in clinical research. Members from the pharmaceutical, healthcare, regulatory, academic and support sectors participate in open discussion, networking and exchange that provides the practical information, approach and learning experiences required to drive innovation and to maximise the success of eClinical initiatives. In 2024, FGK`s Director eSolutions, Anneke Neuhaus, has been elected into the Steering Commitee of eClinical Forum.


European Biotechnology Network

The European Biotechnology Network is dedicated to facilitating cooperation between all European professionals in biotechnology and the life sciences all over Europe.

The non-profit organisation provides information about business, politics, science, jobs, funding and grants, events, initiatives, and many other opportunities to work together anywhere in Europe. Its members are united by the vision to contribute to a better world through biotechnology.

Rephine Ltd.

FGK has joined Rephine’s “GCP Qualification Programme” in 2017.

Rephine Ltd is a UK based company that offers specialist consultancy services to the primary and secondary pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Founded in 1998, Rephine has become a global market leader and a preferred supplier of third party audits. Rephine supports pharmaceutical manufacturers in producing medicinal products that meet regulatory standards by providing bespoke, cost effective solutions.

Rephine’s GCP Qualification Programme is an independent external qualification audit performed every two years to verify compliance with the GCP regulations, the company’s internal procedures and the quality standards set by Rephine.