Martin Krauss, M.Sc., Managing Director

Martin Krauss has over 25 years experience in the area of clinical and epidemiological studies, including work in biometry, statistical consulting, SAS programming, clinical research, phase II - IV trials, post marketing surveillance, quality assurance, structuring and optimization of processes, project management in national and international studies, medical device investigations, speaker in seminars in biometry, GCP and medical devices. He has been managing director of FGK since its foundation in 2002, including responsibility for human resources, controlling, accounting, clinical operations and business development. In November 2017 he has been elected as new President of the German CRO association BVMA.


  • German association for Pharmaceutical Medicine (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin / DGPharMed)
  • International Biometrics Society, German Region (Internationale Biometrische Gesellschaft, Deutsche Region)
  • Working group Pharmaceutical Research of the Biometrics Society
  • Arbeitsgruppe Pharmazeutische Forschung (APF) der Biometrischen Gesellschaft

+ 49 (0) 89 893 119-25
+ 49 (0) 173-581 4683


Edgar J. Fenzl, M.D., Ph.D., Managing Director

Edgar Fenzl is a physician with a doctorate in clinical pharmacology. He has over 40 years experience in pharmaceutical medicine. He has worked in a number of pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations, where he has held appointments with increasing responsibilities as chief physician, head of clinical research units and managing director.

Dr. Fenzl has overseen a large number of in-house, national and international clinical studies. He has supervised and managed phase I to IV clinical studies in pharmacokinetics, in a broad range of medical indications, as well as studies for OTC products; he is widely published in these. As head of clinical research for a number of companies he has supervised project leaders and medical advisors, and acted as the Sponsors responsible medical officer for drug safety and regulatory issues. He has extensive experience in company organization and management, including company restructuring ("reengineering").

His current focus is on providing personally service as an QP for Pharmacovigilance for clients and consulting on drug development and regulatory topics. He is Managing Director of FGK Clinical Research GmbH, FGK Clinical Research Kft. and FGK Representative Service GmbH and serves as a Director at FGK Clinical Research Limited.

+ 49 (0) 89 893 119-22
+ 49 (0) 172-673 8556


Ursula Türcke, M.Sc., Senior Director Clinical Operations

Ursula Türcke has more than 20 years of experience in all operational aspects of conducting national and international clinical trials with pharmaceutical products and medical devices including non-interventional studies. She has actively supervised more than 500 national and international clinical research projects in various indications. She applies her expert knowledge as Senior Director Clinical Operations, a position she has been holding for more than a decade now. At FGK, she is supervising all regulatory, project management and monitoring activities. For our clients she contributes strategic, value-added perspectives in the planning of clinical studies in a global environment, using best practices and knowledge of internal and external business issues.


  • German Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmazeutische Medizin (DGPharMed)


+ 49 (0) 89 893 119-197


Olaf Böhm, M.Sc., Senior Director Central Services

Olaf Böhm, a statistician by training, has more than 25 years of experience in medical studies, including applied statistics, SAS, data management and project coordination. With his experience of more than 15 years in management positions, he is acting as Senior Director Central Services at FGK, overseeing the departments Statistics, Data Management, Medical Writing and Safety.


  • Arbeitsgruppe Pharmazeutische Forschung (APF), Heidelberg

+ 49 (0) 89 893 119-29


Heiko Debus, Senior Director Finance & HR

Heiko Debus has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, tax consultancy, auditing and restructuring in small and medium-sized companies. He has been acting as director for FGK’s Finance and Human Resources department since 2010 and in this position, has been supporting the managing directors in initiation of activities for continuous improvement of quality and compliance with finance and human resources requirements. His current focus also includes the oversight of the company’s IT organizational structure.


  • Chamber of Tax Consultants, Munich, Germany

+ 49 (0) 89 893 119-43