Why us

We are FGK.

FGK is a medium-sized and owner-managed CRO. Our focus is on honest and success-oriented cooperation that is characterized by trust. We value long-term cooperation in a family environment with a collegial, cordial and yet professional working atmosphere.

We make sure that we communicate and cooperate honestly, openly and at eye level, across all levels. At our company, decision-making paths are short and hierarchies are flat.

We successfully secure our financial independence through responsible management, moderate growth and a high degree of innovative strength and flexibility in a constantly changing environment. Our spotlight is on excellent quality, pronounced customer orientation and a strong corporate culture.

Let’s Take Responsibility for Better Health. Together.

That is our claim. Not more, but also not less.

Our goal is to improve the lives of countless patients and thus contribute to a healthier society. This is not only our responsibility, but also our daily motivation.

The most important thing is trust.

To be able to live up to this claim, we are also aware of our responsibility for our employees. We therefore ensure that they can work in a professional environment and have everything they need to realize their full potential and perform at their best.

Mutual trust forms the basis for cooperation in a spirit of partnership. Because those who enjoy trust and experience support can in turn take on responsibility themselves, actively participate in decision-making processes, grow as a result and thus not only contribute to the company's success, but also develop professionally and personally.

We learn from and with each other.

We - managers and employees alike - deal openly and honestly with mistakes and then strive to eliminate the causes. After all, mistakes are a natural part of everyday work. Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. Those who take responsibility, act courageously and take risks may also have to deal with setbacks at times, but those who persevere and learn from their mistakes can develop their full potential and be successful.

That's why we encourage employees to share their experiences - even the negative ones - their knowledge and skills with other employees and teams to help us grow together as a company. It is important to us to create a working environment in which all employees can learn from and inspire each other. To achieve this, collaboration between old and young employees in particular is crucial. We believe that a mix of different perspectives and experiences not only enriches the working environment, but also leads to better results.

Leadership provides orientation

At FGK, we firmly believe that success can only be achieved as a team. Our managers are not only authentic and present, but also shape the culture, the organization of our company, and thus our future together with their employees.

We attach great importance to recognizing and promoting the individual strengths of our employees, while encouraging them to think and act on their own responsibility. We challenge employees, but we do not overtax them in order to maintain and protect their physical and mental health.

Our managers therefore take time for their employees and are always open to constructive criticism. They are constantly in direct contact and communicate their decisions transparently. They also set great store by the successful integration of new colleagues and actively help shape the onboarding process.


At FGK, we take great care to make sure that our employees integrate not only professionally but also personally into our company and our team. In this way, we want to ensure a permanently happy and satisfied cooperation.

For this reason, we do not conduct stress interviews, but rather want to get a feel for who the applicants are, what drives them and what values and goals really count for them in life. This is the only way we can ensure that applicants identify with our corporate values and can work for us with long-term satisfaction.

If both sides decide to work together, we support our new colleagues during their onboarding with the help of our experienced team. We give them the opportunity and also the time to develop their potential in exciting and varied projects in the fields of pharma, biotech and medical production and to shape the future of clinical research together with us.

Those who choose a career at FGK can look forward to becoming part of a diverse and dynamic team characterized by respect, trust and collaboration.

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