Patient recruitment for clinical trials

With study protocols getting more and more complex, FGK helps taking pressure off the sponsor by supporting individual patient recruitment approaches for each project with our outstanding experience and network.

What influence does patient recruitment have on the success of a clinical trial?

Effective patient recruitment is a critical component of successful clinical research trials. The recruitment process must be meticulously planned and comply with regulatory standards while ensuring the participant's safety and supporting the effectiveness of the trial.

This involves a strategic process, realized by an experienced team which ensures that enough eligible candidates who meet the protocol’s inclusion criteria are guided to enrollment.

Sponsors, investigators and the CRO must work in a partnership to develop robust reporting mechanisms and protocols for the patient screening process. This may involve the integration of advanced services and technologies to track and manage participant data efficiently. By partnering with specialized recruitment services, sponsors can leverage their expertise and experience in clinical studies, e.g. for indications where participants are hard to find or their compliance throughout the trial is a particular challenge.

Why recruitment has to be patient-centered

A central question for every study is: Where does the targeted patient population enter the healthcare system? Building strong partnerships with healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, and community organizations can support outreach efforts, ensuring a wider reach and more diverse sample of participants.

Overall, the effectiveness of patient recruitment hinges on the concerted efforts of the entire team, from sponsors and research teams to healthcare providers and recruitment partners. Their efficient partnerships ensures that clinical trials are conducted smoothly, with adequate support for participants. This patient-centered, holistic approach facilitates screening and enrollment progress and in turn contributes to the advancement of medical research and the development of new treatments.

How FGK recruits adequate patients for your trial

  • We explore the potential outreach impact on advertising, decentralized approaches, technical solutions and specialized trial units to find the best recruitment strategy for our client.
  • We established a dedicated partner network of service specialists that realizes recruiting strategies beyond classic approaches, including digital pre-screening.
  • We pay attention to crucial enrollment factors such as
    • Characteristics of study indication and patient population
    • Protocol criteria affecting compliance
    • Country-specific regulatory limitations
  • We know that the effectiveness of recruitment highly depends on motivation of the investigators. Motivation of the investigator depends on the support by a well-trained project management team, frequent communication and a trustful partnership, all of which FGK can provide.

It may not always necessary to exhaust all available means to boost recruitment, but whenever appropriate, we can do it!

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