FGK celebrates its 15th anniversary – Dedicated to clinical research since 2002

Press Release

FGK Clinical Research GmbH, a Europe based CRO, was registered in August 2002 in Munich, Germany. In 2017, Managing Directors Edgar Fenzl and Martin Krauss are excited to announce its 15th anniversary:

“FGK started out with 4 employees in 2002. We are proud to say that FGK has grown to a CRO with more than 100 employees now, being able to manage all kinds of trials not only in Europe, but worldwide. At the same time, many of our employees have been with us for a long part of this journey. That is what we value most in our team: The expert knowledge base, familiarity and trust that arises through a long term partnership and which we pass on to our clients as well“, says Edgar Fenzl, Managing Director.

Over the years FGK has successfully expanded to Prague, London, Budapest and Warsaw. In addition, the affiliates “FGK Representative Service” and “FGK Pharmacovigilance” were founded in order to provide some special services to FGK’s customers. Many clients are Biotech and Medical Device companies who value the personal contact and individual solutions FGK can provide based upon its size and owner structure.

Managing Director Martin Krauss says: “A high degree of FGK’s success is owned to our clients, our cooperating partners and our excellent team of staff members; therefore we would like to thank those who have chosen to collaborate with us. The field of Clinical Research is changing fast and thus we are very grateful for having been part of the development of new therapies for such a long time now. Responding to the individual challenges each project entails and satisfying previously unmet needs motivates us every day. We look forward to continuing FGK’s success story in the future!”

About FGK:

Clinical Research GmbH (FGK CRO):

FGK CRO is headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Czech Republic, UK, Hungary and Poland. It is owned by Dr. Edgar J. Fenzl, a physician with a doctorate in clinical pharmacology, Martin Krauss, a statistician by training, and medicomp GmbH. With more than 100 dedicated employees FGK has an ideal size for cooperation with small and mid-sized biotech, pharmaceutical or medical device companies. The company has conducted clinical trials of all phases in a wide range of indications.

Representative Service GmbH & Ltd. (FGK RS):

FGK RS was founded in order to meet the legal requirements of sponsor companies which do not have a subsidiary within the European Union for the purpose of performing clinical research projects in the European Union. FGK represents its partners as legal representative in all member states of the EU for drug and medical device trials to enable submissions of regulatory applications to the European authorities and ethics committees. FGK also represents overseas companies for all applications in drug authorizations and orphan drug designations. Via their daughter company FGK Representative Service AG they provide this service also for Switzerland.

Pharmacovigilance GmbH (FGK PV):

FGK PV offers the full range of pharmacovigilance services including provision of QPPV services as related to the continuous monitoring of the risk-benefit balance of authorized medicinal products and operation of their risk management system. This includes the systematic collection, processing, analysis and reporting of safety data from a variety of sources.